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When you place an order with us you will receive an order booklet, within that booklet is listed all our terms and conditions and on accepting to place an order with us you understand that you have read and agreed to all the terms set out in this booklet.

Cakes by Nina never claims to copy an cake design exactly unless it is our own, each design is up for interpretation due to the fact we have our own way of doing things.  Also we have to be respectful of copyrights of the design from the original owner.

Exclusive right to your designs.

If we have designed an exclusive cake specific for you, you must ask our permission first before taking our sketch to other bakeries to try and ask them to recreate our design.

We only deliver in the early morning or late mornings due to work commitments, if you want your cake set up in the evening then it will be up to your venue to bring it out later for you once we have left it set up elsewhere in your venue for you.

When doing figures if you have sent photos over please note Cakes by Nina never claims to do exact replicas of people just caricatures of people, when working from flat photos it is extremely tricky.

In conjunction with this booklet please take time to read our privacy terms on this website

Our Deposit/Booking fee is generally £100.00 (dependent on the cake design) and this not only secures your date so no one else can take it, it also enables us to purchase some items for your order, we never sit on deposits so as to avoid a mad panic near your day.

This Deposit/Booking is non refundable and you agree to understand this when booking with us.

All decorations are fragile and should be treated as such and though sugar flowers and decorations are classed as edible they are not because of the wire or supports used within them.

If you decide to collect your cake yourself Cakes by Nina holds no responsibility should any damages occur during transit.

Should your cake start to melt in extreme conditions this is not the responsibility of Cakes by Nina we advise in hotter climates you do not place your cake within a window because even with aircon radiant heat can make your cake melt.

Please note if you have a cake allergy and it is life threatening we are really sorry but we can not take on your order, by law we are not allowed to claim nut free zone because you are only allowed to do this if you have a completely separate kitchen to your main one to do this.

We do leave a leave an allergen sticker at every wedding cake we install on the table which lists the main allergies, you agree to ensure you read and make sure any of your guests with an allergy are aware of it.

Once cake is placed in your venue for you we will take photographic evidence of the state we have left it in, once we have left the venue the cake is no longer the responsibility of Cakes by Nina but the venue.

If hiring cake stands there is a non refundable hire fee plus a completely refundable holding fee in case of damage or loss of stand, it is up to the bridal party to organise safe return of stand unless otherwise agreed.

Supply of Fresh flowers on Cakes


Please be advised that not all fresh flowers are food safe and can cause allergic reactions, we ask they you check pesticides haven't been used, we do not recommend using gysophila because it is of the toxic variety especially on naked cakes.  Your florist is to supply the flowers already wired and taped and if you wish for Cakes by Nina to decorate your cake for you and if they are not ready for us we will not be able to decorate your cake.  If your florist decorates your cake we hold no responsibility if they cause any damage to the cake.


Please also be aware we can not be held responsibly if cupcake wrappers start to peel back after set up this is completely out of our control.

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