Thank you for Choosing Cakes by Nina on receipt of payment we will get this organised for you asap

Scroll down the screen to order your taster box, if you are after a Sassy Donut taster box please scroll down to second form thank you, this does not include donuts just sample cakes for your topper cake. Unfortunately due to postage increases my tasters have had to increase too.



We have made the decision that currently if you would like to chat face to face we are only offering zoom calls as we are a very small business and unable to have the vaccination we are also a carer of an elderly relative so we are trying to keep us as safe as possible so that we can continue to supply your wedding cakes for you, thank you so very much for your understanding,

please be assured we are here for you .

We can be contacted via, whatapps, video call, email, facebook and Instagram, and via our wonderful recommended suppliers.

We are still very much here to provide you with a wedding cake of your dreams and to still offer the quality product and service you deserve.

We can provide a non profit making taster box for £23.00 where you can test at your leisure and at your own time to decide what you like and if you decide to book with us you will get a second complimentary taster box with flavours of your choosing.

If you look through my gallery I am one of the rare cake makers that has been honest about her pricing, there is a price against each image so you can get a good feel of what budget you will require, please note every cake is bespoke so these prices aren't fixed in stone but gives you a very good guide.  Also takes away any awkwardness.


I use quality organic and free range ingredients and real chocolates, no cheap substitutes, I have my eggs delivered weekly direct from a very happy hen farm, and my organic flours delivered direct also, hence why my cakes might seem more expensive than others, I also work at an reasonable hourly rate of approximately £20 per hour, I truly believe the cakes has to taste as great as it looks 

Very much looking forward to be part of your wedding day journey.


Our Taster Boxes

We call it our rustic tasting box because we literally treat your taster box the same as we would your wedding cake and that is we bake it fresh to order and literally cut and wrap it on the same day, so mine might not look as straight and perfect as other suppliers that's because they have probably used frozen or part frozen cake as your sample cakes cause it is much easier to cut perfectly, also different recipe rise at different rates.

Your taster box will consist of our most popular flavours which is lemon, chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream this will give you a good feel of our cakes.

I NEVER supply a frozen cake for your actual wedding cake, they are all baked fresh to order so I don't see any reason why I would send you out cake that has been prior frozen to try as it does change the structure slightly.

I'm still very excited and passionate about chatting to you about your wedding requirements, lets make that dream cake together. 

Please note we do not sent out fruit cake tasters, or carrot cake as they are costly to make and very time consuming, and there would be too much waste and it isn't a popular choice.

Please Note: as this is a non profit making item we do not take this amount off your final balance thank you, unfortunately we have to pay for 24 hour tracked delivery because our parcels have been lost so hence postage alone has gone up, once posted we will provide you with a tracking number so you can follow where it is, as you can appreciate these are perishable items and in hotter weather do not last as long in transit and can sweat and cause your cake samples to not be as good as we want you to have them, if you are going to be out please leave a note on your door.  Thank you x

We are excited to advise we have teamed up with Sassy Doughnuts to help produce your beautiful wedding stacks, you can order your cake taster box below:

Please Note: as this is a non profit making item we do not take this amount off your final balance thank you.

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Cake Taster box order here for just £23.00

Thank you for Choosing Cakes by Nina  and Sassy Donuts, on receipt of payment we will get this organised for you asap

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