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Please click on any image to get more information, please remember we are priced because we only use the best ingredients available, organic sugars and flours, delivered direct from the mill, our free range eggs are delivered weekly from a very happy hen farm, real butters no margarine, and baked fresh to order never frozen, you really cant get fresher. In the warmer months May - October we actually recommend a ganache finish rather than buttercream as its a more stable medium, buttercream becomes soft very quickly, we can convert any of these designs to ganache just ask there will be a price increase for this obviously.

Alternatively if you like the look of the naked cake may we suggest our illusion cake examples below, as they will be more structurally sound as buttercream can melt at 24c, also they do create more of a WOW factor.  Please ensure placement of cake is not by a window cause even with aircon radiant heat can melt your cake.  If you wedding is in the height of the summer in an outdoor setting we are sorry we are unable to supply buttercream cakes due to how unstable they are.  If you decide you definitely want a naked during the hotter months Cakes by Nina takes no responsibility should your cake start to melt due or shift due to the heat.  Flowers to be supplied by your florist see important information below, or we can make flowers at an additonal charge.

We are more than happy to work with florist flowers but we do have some terms and conditions on doing so. please read below.


If you are set on your florist to supply fresh flowers we are happy to decorate, as we prep them for the cake, and use posy picks to minimize the contact of the flower to your cake, please be aware new legislation is coming into effect soon with regards to using fresh  flowers on cakes, not all flowers are food safe, please ensure no pesticides have been used, also please note not all flowers are robust enough to be put on cakes and will wilt in the hotter weather and look a bit sorry for themselves. 


Cakes by Nina takes no responsibility should someone have an  allergic reaction because of the flowers used on the cake this is the sole responsibility of the bridal party. We prefer to decorate your cake ourselves and would rather just a bucket of flowers to work with than trimmed flowers where possible.

Also worth noting generally when florist say we will just bung a few flowers in free for the cake that usually is what it is the left overs and nothing of much quality, if you are paying for extra flowers to put on your cake please make sure you liaise with us what flowers you are expecting from your florist so that our vision matches your vision and we are talking the same design, this avoids any confusion on the day and that we don't end up with literally hedge clippings to work with.

It is worth noting many florists haven't done any food hygiene or food allergen training and don't have a clue what flowers are toxic and what are not, our preference would be to use sugar flowers or really good fake flowers both we can make for you or source, they also ensure your flowers look great all day and not just for a couple of hours.

Our liability insurance does not cover us if someone has an allergic reaction due to the fresh flowers being used on cakes, so if we refuse to put certain flowers on the cake please be aware we are not doing that to annoy, we are doing it in the best interest of you our client and health and safety.  We do not take any responsibility to the quality and safeness of flowers used if they are being supplied by your florist.  We also take no responsibility if you insist your florist decorates the cake for you and they damage it in any way.  We are not responsible for any contamination that they might cause by not preparing your flowers correctly.


We will take photographic evidence and full video evidence of your cake when set up and left in good condition by us.

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