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When supplying flowers for naked cakes please ensure they are non toxic and no pesticides have been used not all flowers are cake safe. We charge a small fee to decorate your cake for you using florist flowers (if you have chosen this instead of sugar flowers), because in our 11 years experience we have never come across a florist that has actually prepared the flowers correctly for us to decorate your cake, normally we are just literally handed a bucket of flowers despite them suppose to be prepared for us.


This minimal amount covers time (its takes an average of an hour to decorate your cake with florist flowers) and posy picks and tape, this minimal charge is £50.00, please note some florist do say they can decorate cakes but again from our experience they do not generally know what they are doing in regards to preparation.  If florists decorate your cake we can not be held responsible for any contamination issues or damage caused to your cake.

If you are getting married in the heat of the summer but really like the look of the naked cake may we suggest our illusion cake above as they will be more structurally sound as buttercream can melt at 23c, also they do create more of a WOW factor.  Please ensure placement of cake is not by a window cause even with aircon radiant heat can melt your cake.  If you wedding is in the height of the summer in an outdoor setting we are sorry we are unable to supply buttercream cakes due to how unstable they are.

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