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Privacy Policy


The privacy policy applies between you, the user of this website and Cakes by Nina the owner of this website.

Cakes by Nina takes your privacy very seriously.  This policy applies to the use of any data you have provided to us in relation to the use of this website.

This policy should be read along with and set out in our Terms and Conditions.

Be assured that we never share your details with any third parties, or sell on your details to a third party, all information supplied to us via this website or via other means is solely between yourself and Cakes by Nina.


Be assured we  are using, and have paid for a safe website and we have attached as much safe guarding software that we can to protect any personal details that are sent across.

Any third party that accesses this Website is not affiliated with Cakes by Nina.

The website you are using is and any sub-directories by a third party used is not affiliated with Cakes by Nina.

On completion of our online forms you are giving your full consent with providing your name, telephone, email address,  this information is solely for the use of Cakes by Nina and will not be sold or used by any third party.

How we use your information submitted

We will process the information you provide under one or more of the following bases:

  1. Contractual performance - to complete a contract we may have with you in connection with       cakesbyninaweddings.

  2. Legal obligation - to enable us to comply with the law.

  3. Legitimate interests - where the use of your information is within the legitimate interests of our business cakesbyninaweddings.

  4. The provision of information regarding our existing products.

  5. Activites related to the development of our product offering and activities undertaken to improve the service we product and to help our business grow.

  6. Consent - where you have provided your clear consent for us to use your information for a particular purposes related to cakesbyninaweddings.

We may use your information for the following purposes

  1. To undertake our day to day business activity

  2. To maintain our internal records

  3. To improve our products and services

  4. To contact you when required relating to mutual business you have with cakesbyninaweddings.


  1. We are committed to ensuring that any information you supply is secure and therefore we have appropriate procedures in place to safeguard your information you provide.

Retention of your personal data

We will keep your information for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected,  Whenever you advise use of any change to the information you have provided, we will update our records as quickly as possible.

How we share your Information

We do not share your information with any third parties.

Your rights

You have the right to withdraw any consent that you may have provided, to object to the use of of your information, to request the correction or removal of any of your information and to request details of your information that we hold.  In such circumstances please contact us by email at .

We hold full liability insurance.

Worldpay Card Payments via telephone

When making payments via telephone with a credit card we have to take a course to comply with the latest regulations on data protection before we are allowed permission to use our worldpay machine, in doing so we NEVER physically write down your card details and may ask you to provide them a second time because of this, a receipt is clipped to your order and duplicate receipt is shredded and thrown away.

Risk Assessment Policy


This Method statement is for a three tier pre-constructed fondant iced and decorated cake.  Construction is complete and therefore amounts to delivery and placement only. Any bigger the additional tiers will be placed on site and constructed in a safe and tidy manner.   In the unlikely event of a repair to the decoration a small amount of icing sugar will be used to re-fix a decoration. 


1.            Transport cellophane box wrapped cake to venue, cellophaned is only used if to protect the cake.

2.            Meet with responsible venue person if required.

3.            Pre Walk route/ Agree Location.

4.            Handled by one or two persons; take cake to agreed location.

5.            Place down and remove cellophane packaging.

6.            Should a decoration be damaged re-fix with pre-prepared icing sugar. 

7.            Remove packaging from venue.

8.            Leave allergy sticker with cake.

9.            Leave premises return to base.

We have been double vaccinated, but where it is required we will still wear masks and wear blue food safe gloves when delivering cakes, and do a lateral flow test 24 hours before delivery, and keeping our distance from others.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment               Hazard Mitigation 

1.            Manual lifting    Operatives familiar and suitable for manual lifting.
2.            Trip Hazard        Walk route and note any trip hazards. Remove Packaging from Venue

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