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Our Signature Zesty Lemon Cake, with a Lemon Mousse Buttercream and a scrumptious Zesty Curd

Fresh orange sponge, with an orange marmalade and our fluffy vanilla buttercream.


Our vanilla sponge (or victoria sponge) with raspberry conserve and our light and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Strawberry and Cream,  strawberry cake with our light and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Biscoff sponge and an caramel buttercream

Rum and Coconut, fancy something a little boozy, a yummy rum sponge and our light fluffy coconut buttercream

Tiramisu Cake with a coffee buttercream (please note this tastes of tiramisu but is not the same consistency as the dessert as that is too wet to work with)

NEW! Chocolate cake with our fudge filling


Chocolate cake,  and our fluffy chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cake,  and mint buttercream

Chocolate cake,  and baileys buttercream

Chocolate cake,  and orange buttercream

Chocolate cake,  and our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake,  and chocolate chips and our fluffy chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cake, and our fluffy hazelnut buttercream

Vanilla cake with chocolate chips and our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Coffee cake with coffee buttercream, we can add walnuts on request

White Chocolate sponge with raspberries pieces and a raspberry buttercream or white chocolate buttercream (this is heavier than the normal sponges due to the white chocolate content)

Bakewell, almond sponge, with a gorgeous cherry curd and our vanilla buttercream

Light Farmhouse Fruit

Rich Brandy Fruit Cake

Raspberry sponge with fresh raspberries and a coconut buttercream

Blueberry sponge with fresh blueberries and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Mango sponge with an mango and passionfruit curd and buttercream

Coconut sponge with a raspberry buttercream

Have a citrus tooth try our orange sponge with an lemon buttercream or

Lime sponge with a strawberry buttercream

A firm favourite cookies and cream sponge with vanilla buttercream

Passionfruit sponge, with a passionfruit buttercream and delicious passionfruit curd

Red Velvet cake with our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Lavender sponge with a chocolate buttercream


Hint of Rose Sponge with a Rhubarb and Ginger conserve and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Cheesecake flavoured sponge with passionfruit curd and passionfruit buttercream

Spiced apple sponge, with fresh apple pieces and a caramel buttercream

Another boozy cake, our cherry and almeratto sponge, brushed with almeratto and an almond buttercream

Carrot cake, ours doesn't contain nuts, but lots of lovely spices (not suitable for a cake with lots of flowers or decorations due to the structure its no stable enough)

Gingerbread cake and our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Caramel sponge with a caramel sauce and caramel buttercream

Rum and raisin sponge with our fluffy vanilla buttercream

Banana cake with chocolate chip, cinnamon and a coffee buttercream

Great for the summer our peach melba cake, with real peach pieces in the sponge and peach buttercream

Please note recipes can change slightly from time to time dependent on whether we can get hold of the same raw ingredients to make the cakes, ie some butters taste and change the texture of cakes.


Please note rich fruit cake will be an extra charge and if you wanted a rainbow cake inside that would be extra too as they are more time consuming.

We do offer vegan cakes but please be aware they do have a premium price tag  due to the variety of expensive ingredients needed to make them, we highly recommend our chocolate, also this will not have the same consistency of a normal sponge it is a lot crumblier.

Gluten Free and Egg Free Cakes are an extra cost too because the ingredients required to create are more expensive, and remember these are a completely different consistency to normal cake and is out of our control.

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