Rough Pricing Guide

We only use quality ingredients in our cake NO cheap substitutions and never margarine, only real butters, organic flours, and we have our free range eggs delivered weekly from a very happy hen farm, you can really taste the difference, we use calleabault chocolate truffle ganache on all our cakes, and our hourly rate is approximately £20.00.  Each cake is baked fresh to order we NEVER use frozen cake.

We are one of the rare cake makers that is open about our prices as you will see when you visit our gallery, no prices are fixed in stone as all my cakes generally tend to be very bespoke, pricing will be dependent on whether you add dummy layers and less embellishment or more embellishment, prices on the page are based on all cake (some unique designs require a polystyrene core for structural reasons).

There are those that will deliberately under cut our prices, please think about where they will cut quality and reliability, we are a long established company, not a weekend start up like some. 

Prices based on our standard size (3 layers of sponge) Naked Wedding Cake

2 tier - 8" and 10" - feeds approx 80 - £385.00

3 tier - 6", 8" and 10" feeds approx 95 £465.00

4 tier, 4", 6", 8" and 10" feeds approx 105 - £565.00

Rough Guide to Portions

Our Extra Size Sponge (4 layers of sponge)

4" - 12 portions, 6" - 20 portions, 8" - 40 portions, 10" - 60 portions, 12" - 80 portions, 14" - 110 portions

Our standard size sponge (3 layers of sponge)

4" - 10 portions, 6" - 15 portions, 8" - 30 portions, 10" - 50 portions, 12" - 65 portions, 14" - 90 portions

Wedding portions are approx 1" x 1"


Vanilla Cupcakes with buttercream swirl - £2.85 each

Macarons - £1.85 each (roughly 2" big) most outlets sell at 1" big

Mini Cakes from £13.50 - £25.00 dependent on detailing

Favours - £3.75 each

Cakes Pops start from £2.65 each

Cake popsicles start from £3.95 each

We offer cuttings cakes just ask for details

Vegan cakes are an extra premium charge due to expensive ingredients required to achievement them, please note these are not the same consistency as a normal sponge it is a lot more crumblier and harder to work with.

Vegan rough guide, this if or a chocolate vegan sponge, chocolate vegan buttercream with chocolate vegan ganache coating and vegan sugarpaste covering no decorations or labour.

Vegan Cake Prices

6" - £125.00

8" - £185.00

10" - £230.00

Gluten Free and Egg Free cakes are also an extra charge due to expensive ingredients needed to create them and these are not the same consistency as a normal cake.

Please note in addition to a delivery charge when decorating with florist flowers there will be an additional charge of £50 for us to wire and decorate the cake on site, unfortunately though we ask for flowers to be pre wired before we come to decorate cake this hasn't been happening and we have had to do it and use our posy picks, wires and tapes at our expense,  it is also very time consuming.  This cost includes tape, wire, posy picks and some time.

vegan wedding.jpeg

Image of additional cutting chocolate vegan cake beautifully decorated with a single sugar flowers and sugar leaves

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