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To book us please complete either one of the forms below.


The first form is for ease to pay your deposit/booking fee via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card, we are charged an handling charge to use any of these services  (your balance will be minus £100 not £104 as we are unable to absorb this handling charge), the second form below is just if you do not wish to pay the handling charge we will send you direct bank details (£100 for direct bank transfer and we can give you details), or if you have already paid your deposit, once forms and deposit are received you are all booked in, please note completing the second form without payment does not mean you are booked in, we do require both - Thank you for your understanding. 


We are extremely excited you have chosen us to do your Wedding Cake.   


We do not sit on your booking deposit, we use it  to buy some of the materials in to complete your project and to secure your date.  


Decorations take many hours to achieve, we can not afford to start work on this until full payment is received, we do require the full two week window to achieve this for you, if final payment isn't received within the due date (three weeks prior to your wedding day) then we might not be able to supply a cake to you because of time constraints and you will also be in breach of contract so no booking fee deposit will be refunded should we be forced to cancel the order due to late payment.  If you are having problems please just let us know.

Fully refundable holding fee for stands is in addition to the actual hire charge of £15, this is currently £120, this covers loss or damage of stand, once stand received back the £120 will be fully refunded, it is the responsibility of any member of the bridal party to return stands within one week of event.


Please also note that this form is purely for the initial booking/deposit fee, and not for final payment, you can pay final payment if you wish via our other website, your booking/deposit fee will obviously be deducted from the final amount, you will be invoiced for full balance due three weeks before your wedding day.

Wedding Order Form 
Payment for Booking Fee/Deposit via Paypal or Debit Card or Credit Card

Thank you for Choosing Cakes by Nina

Please note pictures are used as a reference guide as to the style of cake you would like Cakes by Nina never claims to do exact replicas of cake as we have to respect the original owner of the design copyrights and we also have our own style of doing things.  We have now added an automatic payment button to this form, due to handling charges this is £104.00, if you do not wish to pay the handling charge please complete the form below and we will send you direct bank details.

Wedding Order Form Non payment of handling charge or already paid deposits

Thank you for Choosing Cakes by Nina

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