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Welcome to CBN Cakey World -

Here at Cakes by Nina with strive to produce the best product we can with the best ingredients we can source to make your wedding cake truly memorable.

We adore making sugar and rice paper flowers, we love to try and make them look as realistic as we can. Lets talk about about the differences and suitability for cakes.

RICE PAPER FLOWERS from our gorgeous Sofia wedding Cake, this is a stunning romantic cake and looks impressive in photos. These are softer and more romantic, are trickery to make but worth all the effort, if one accidentally drops on the floor they wont break, they can get soft in humid climates though, but any colour can be achieved and are a good flower to use on cakes, as they are on wires they have a great achievable movement.

SUGAR FLOWERS from our showstopper Romance in the Stone cake an real talking point cake guest will talk about for years to come. Sugar flowers are absolutely stunning but everso fragile, but again cause wire is used they have a greater amount of flexibility and movement, but the beauty of them if careful they can be displayed or even used again on another celebration cake for years to come, if stored correctly out of direct sunlight, away from heat source and avoiding humidity they will last for years. We suggest a shoe box with kitchen towel and few air holes and if you can get them the little gel packets you get with shoes pop them in there.

We also work with florist flowers, but they do have their limitations, fresh flowers tend to be very rigid, they look amazing the first few hours the cake is decorated but depending on the temperature in the room and how fresh the flowers are they can start to look droopy after a bit.

It is also worth noting that some flowers aren't actually food safe even if you have seen them in a beautiful photoshoot, and you must ensure no pesticides have been used particularly on naked cakes as this can contaminate the sponge.

You are unable to use oasis on cakes there is a limit to the time your flowers are going to look nice for, so best to choose robust flowers ie roses, due to their thicker stems that hold more moisture to decorate your wedding cake than dainty flowers, and always use florist tape and posy picks so that the actual flower isn't going directly into the cake.

Hope you have enjoyed the first blog from CBN here's to many more to come.

Happy wedding planning and if we can help at all you know where to find us.


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